It’s always interesting when any of the big hitting car manufacturers unveil their concepts for the future, but one of the most eye-catching concept cars we’ve seen in a long while is Renault’s Trezor; a sleek, futuristic ride which features an open-top exit instead of doors!

Renault Trezor Concept Car

Unveiled at Paris Motor Show last week, the Renault Trezor concept car is a two-seater electric coupé, which continues Renault’s new design philosophy introduced on the Dezir back in in 2010. While the Dezir was said to be based on the concept of ‘falling in love’, the Trezor goes further by symbolising ‘maturity’ and ‘commitment’.

While we always take these things with a pinch of salt, we can certainly see ourselves falling in love with the Trezor. The exterior features clean and sensual lines, a smooth front, and hexagonal panels on the rear just to emphasise we’re looking at the future now.

Renault Trezor Concept Car 2
Naturally despite being a concept, much thought has gone into the potential performance of the Trezor with honeycomb-form air intakes on the bonnet and modern fibre-optic lighting integrating a red laser. It’s quick too. Very quick. Boasting a 260kw battery, the Trezor is capable of 360hp with a 0-62mph of just under four seconds.

Renault Trezor Concept Car 4
The Trezor offers a choice of three driving modes: Neutral, Sport, and Autonomous. This is all part of Renault’s vision of how autonomous cars can make traveling safer and more enjoyable, while also allowing users to choose their method of travelling.

Inside this beauty, things only continue to wow with the rounded seating clad in red-trimmed leather and a dashboard made from red wood which even has room for a luggage compartment in the front of the car.

Renault Trezor Concept Car 1
Renault Trezor Concept Car 5



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