Revenant Automotive changes the face of the Vantage

The latest Aston Martin Vantage is a pretty car. Arguably not as pretty as the last generation Vantage which is widely regarded as one of the best looking modern cars. The main issue for many has been the large open grille. Some people love the aggressive look but many feel it is just too much. That’s where Revenant Automotive come in. They’ve completely redesigned the front end look so that it looks more like a classic Aston.

To quote Revenant themselves, the new front end for the Vantage was “Created in its entirety by a British automotive and motorsport engineer, the Revenant project was borne from a desire to explore alternative design directions for Aston Martin vehicles. One thousand hours of work later, across multiple disciplines, the completed Revenant package for the Aston Martin Vantage embodies one man’s singular re-envisioning of an Aston Martin sports car for the modern day.”

The new design consists of a replacement front bumper, new front grille, new front splitter, Revenant emblem, new custom mounts for parking sensors and front camera, and all required mounting hardware. It is not an off the shelf part though, Revenant say that each commission is unique, and features a variety of options for personalisation.

Personally I like it. It makes the front of the Vantage far prettier. It isn’t perfect though as I feel the far edges are a little too sharp. But that’s just nitpicking. Overall Revenant Automotive have significantly improved the design of the latest Vantage.

There is more yet to come. Revenant will be working on updates to the rear of the car and some new side skirts too. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next.

Do you prefer the new Revenant design or do you think the old car looks better? Let us know in the comments.