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The Rinspeed iChange

The Rinspeed iChange

With the Geneva motorshow coming up next month, Switzerland Car Maker Rinspeed is pulling out all the stops to come up trumps in it’s own backyard. The iChange is a 1 seater sports car as standard, however at the touch of the button the car will transform on the inside making room for up to 3 passengers.
At 1,000kg and powered by an electric motor, a 0-60mph sprint will take less than four seconds, but it will top out at a slow 137mph…

Don’t expect doors though, the roof tilts to allow passenger access and all controls are based on the Apple iPhone.

Coming to a garage near you…. well probably never. Thanks to AE.

The iChange 1 or 3 seat concept

The iChange 1 or 3 seat concept



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