We’ve all dreamed of winning the lottery – and most of us have also probably mentally spent said winnings. A private island, a private jet and, yes, a fully-armoured bling SUV. Something a little like this Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank, the Batmobile you always wanted!

Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank

The Ripsaw EV2 (which stands for Extreme Vehicle 2 – so you know it’s good) is one of the world’s most sought after high performance, luxury vehicles. Originally designed and built for the US military, this high speed juggernaut comes with 12 inches of suspension and over 600 diesel horsepower putting it in a league of its own when it comes to capability, speed and luxury.

The EV2 is the brainchild of the Howe brothers, Mike and Geoff. After years of work on their original Ripsaw tank – which at the time was the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed – the US Army got in touch and ordered manned and unmanned versions for research and development. They also caught the attention of Hollywood and the brothers’ vehicles have appeared in likes of GI Joe 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank 3
The brothers now offer limited luxury one-offs to the public in the customisable Ripsaw EV2. The high speed super tank is handcrafted for the public for extreme off road recreation. While they’re all customisable, to give some idea of the power, the pair are currently working on a variant of the EV2 which will come with a whopping 2,000 horsepower.

The Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tanks take up to 6 months to fabricate and can cost well into the hundreds of thousands, depending on how pimped out you want to go. Head over to the Ripsaw Tank Website for more details and to see these beasts in action.

Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank 5
Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank 4
Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank 1



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