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Riva 88 Florida Yacht

Whilst some view yachts as expensive, cumbersome, expensive, hard to park, and, most importantly, expensive. There is nothing that screams prestige that a quite beautiful boat sailing through the water. And when it comes to beautiful things, the new Riva 88 Florida Yacht is something rather special.

You could call it the Rolls Royce of yachts, but then, does your average Rolls have room to accommodate 20 people and featured two V16 engines? We didn’t think so, which leaves the Riva 88 Florida with near no comparisons.

It’s not just its size and extravagance, though, that makes the Riva 88 stand out. It also boasts a removable hard top which turns the enormous seating and dining area into something resembling an open air patio. Of course, due to its enormous 88ft length the Florida is no Lamborghini, but a top speed of around 40 knots should still be enough to blow the wind through the hair of anybody on board.

The roof is also very adaptable; it can either serve as a hardtop, be entirely folded away, or serve as a bilini top, to keep out the sun when the vessel is moored. It’s not just the deck of the yacht, however, that will strike envy into the heart of any passers-by. Down below are four guest cabins, a galley, a dinette, and four bathrooms. And this is in addition to the crew quarters, which themselves boast two cabins, a bathroom, a galley and a dinette. The addition of such sizeable crew quarters make clear that this is a boat to be driven in, and not driven, although that enormous cockpit lounge should be enough to make anybody want their turn in command.

Word on the street (the Riva website) is that the world premiere of the yacht will come in the early months of 2015, although prices have yet to be announced. However, it seems fair to say that very few, except those contemplating doing a Walter White, will be able to afford it.




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