Safari-Spec Nissan GTR is ready for the apocalypse!

When the zombie apocalypse finally arrives, I know what vehicle I’ll be going for. A Nissan GTR on big tyres, lifted suspension and with roof-bars. Much like the car you see here from Classic Youngtimers Consultancy except with more spikes and less offensive wrap. Reliability, performance and grip will be essential against the hordes of the undead!

This very real creation is the work of Dutch dealership Classic Youngtimers Consultancy and the concept kinda makes sense. The GTR has a very trick 4 wheel drive system so the modifications made to it should make it quite epic across rough ground. I doubt it’ll do much for its lap times at the ‘ring though.

It is a bit more powerful than a stock GTR too. The 3.8l turbo V6 pushes out 600hp to those chunkier tyres thanks to a bit of tuning. The suspension gives the Safari-Spec GTR R35 an extra 12cm of ground clearance.

The off-road look doesn’t end there though. The GTR has been decked out with an array of LEDs and a cool roof-rack and spare wheel combo. It looks butch to say the least. Although the camo wrap it pretty awful though.

Want one? It’ll set you back around £85k.

What vehicle would you use for the zombie apocalypse? Let us know in the comments.