With flying cars now seemingly an inevitability and soon, ‘getting there first’ isn’t really enough to set a manufacturer apart from the rest. Which is why California-based Samson Motor Works have opted to offer a flying vehicle which has a power-to-weight ratio of a Corvette. Feast your eyes on the Samson Switchblade, a flying sports car.

Introducing the Samson Switchblade Flying Sports Car

The Samson Switchblade is a three wheel, street-legal vehicle that you can drive straight from your garage to your nearest local runway. Once there, Switchblade’s wings and tail extend in under 3 minutes, making you ready to fly to your destination at speeds of up to 200 mph and heights of 13,000 feet.

When you land, simply transform your ride back into the two-seater – with the wings safely stowed and protected – and be on your way. The wings are set at the correct angle so you literally fly the plane off the runway. Landings are similar, in that you simply fly the vehicle onto the runway to land.


The Switchblade’s aesthetic isn’t simply just for show either. The Italian-inspired clean shape is designed to produce a down-force in gusty wind conditions, stabilising the lightweight vehicle on the road. There’s also a wide cabin which has room for 50 pounds of luggage.

The only real snag with the Switchblade is it will take some construction. As its sold (and taxed) as an Experimental/Homebuilt class product, it requires the owner to build 51% of the vehicle. The kit is delivered to you majorly assembled but it will take some building which Samson say should take as little as three weeks with a little help.


Once it’s built, you’ll need either an car license or a motorcycle license to drive it on the road – though some regulations vary from location to location – and you’ll also need a private pilot license if you actually want to fly the thing.

You can reserve your own Samson Switchblade now over at the Samson Motor Works Website, where prices for the flying sports car start at around £90,000. Samson say they hope the Switchblade will be ready to go as early as April 2018, so keep an eye on the skies.




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