It might look a leaked picture from the filming of Star Wars: Episode 8 but believe it or not this juggernaut is actually a superyacht. The Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht to be exact, and there’s a strong possibility is could be hitting the waves sometime in the not-too-distant future!

Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht

Conceived by London based architect Jonathan Schwinge, this superyacht is designed to the absolute geometry of a Tetrahedron, a three-based pyramid consisting of four faces and six leading edges. The idea is that not only does it looks ridiculously cool but the shapes provides fundamental stability and enclosure.

The Schwinge will also look extra futuristic when it’s in full flow thanks to its HYSWAS (Hydrofoil Small Waterplane Area Ship) hull, which gives the appearance of levitating over the water when at high-speeds! This is produced thanks to a single vertical strut which is attached onto a single torpedo hull underwater. The effect is a smooth ride over long distances. No more seasickness, then!

Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht 2
The hull has two working waterlines; at low speed, the superyacht sits gently onto three underbelly hulls, while at high-speed the hydrofoils rotate on the lower submerged hull, causing the triangle to raise out of the water.

Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht 5
The long distances that are being banded around are achievable thanks to reduced out-of-water drag. This means that even when in stormy ocean conditions, the yacht would incur virtually no slamming. The elevated hydrofoil propulsion also gives it some added efficiency.

While the Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht might look like it’s from the distant future, it might actually be here quicker than you think with Jonathon Schwinge confirming the company is already in talks with a ship yard – a very large one we’d imagine! Keep yourself updated by heading to the Schwinge Website.

Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht 4
Schwinge Hyswas Tetrahedron Superyacht 3



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