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If you are fed up of your run of the mill Moped, but a Brompton is a bit serious, and a Segway is a little crazy we might just have the urban commute solution for you.

The Scrooser is a hybrid motorised scooter cross lowrider bike, which is designed to amplify the momentum generated when you push off using a small, rechargeable electric motor inside the wheel. The oversize tyres make balancing around the roads, pavements and parks easier and the Scrooser comes with front disk brakes alongside rear engine brakes to slow you down when necessary.

The Scrooser will allow speeds up to 15mph, which should be suitable for most social and domestic use, and with it only weighing about 27kg, it should be functional with regards to its ease getting in and out of the garage or cycle shed.

The Scrooser smashed through it’s target on Kickstarter, and is planned to retail at around the £3000 mark, but with high technology wrapped in a low-key, contemporary and stylish shell it will make getting around more fun if nothing else.

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