Skoda Speedster


Yes you read that right, Skoda. It may not be a brand you synominise with AJB and class, but let’s be honest, Skoda aren’t exacly the shoddy car manafacture of old. For years now they have produced good quality, solid and reliable cars, though that is not really us. However now we have something new, a rather sexy, if different Skoda Speedster.

The Fabia vRS 200 design concept in it’s full title was showcased at the GTI-Treffen show in Germany. Featuring (or not) a mission roof and cut down windscreen, it is a full 2 + 2 with room for 4 passengers and kitted with both front and rear doors.

Will it ever go into production? In a word no. But we can dream about green monsters can’t we?