While things may be getting warmer, we almost wish they weren’t after coming across this awesome looking snowmobile by designer Joey Ruiter, dubbed the ‘SnoPed’!

SnoPed Snowmobile

Crafted from an aluminium composite, the SnoPed marries the designs of a snowmobile and a cafe racer to resemble something that would be more than comfortable and not at all out-of-place alongside Luke Skywalker on Hoth.

This snow speedster’s design is said to be inspired by the winter apparel of some of Ruiter’s favourite brands, which includes the likes of G-Star RAW, Belstaff and Ralph Lauren Black. It comes equipped with a 90cc motor and measures in at 76-inches in length but has a thickness of just 6-inches, so it’s not really for the unbalanced!

SnoPed Snow Mobile 3
The monolithic Black body on the SnoPed is intentionally rustic. It features exposed screws, a puffy Black seat, vertical headlights and a taillight which looks like it’s been made from the spare parts of the Millennium Falcon.

SnoPed Snow Mobile 2
While it’s obviously striking to look at, the Ruiter’s creation is fully functioning. The chassis is said to be lightweight and the Chrysler Sno-runner track ensures it’s more than just a box of aluminium with some cool lights.

While the SnoPed snowmobile might not be the most practical of things to produce or ride, it is undeniably cool. Sadly, there’s no word yet whether Joey Ruiter or builder Jeff Long have any plans to put the SnoPed into production, so there’s not even a ball park figure on cost. Just look, admire and head over to Joey Ruiter’s Website to see more of his designs, as well as video of the SnoPed in action!

SnoPed Snow Mobile 4



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