Commuting is a chore. There’s no two ways about it. And if you’re averse to using public transport as much as we are, chances are you’ve considered getting yourself a bike. Well, one company looking to change our commuting habits is German motor company SOL MOTORS and their minimalist and lightweight Pocket Rocket.

Could SOL MOTORS’ Pocket Rocket Change Urban Commuting?

Officially unveiled at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle Fair, the innovative SOL MOTORS Pocket Rocket is characterised by a lightweight aluminium tube frame that connect all parts of the electric bike in one minimal, contemporary design.

Standing at just over 2.5ft in height, the bike is the perfect synergy of lightweight design, performance, and connectivity – essentially a commuter’s dream vehicle. So much so, the Pocket Rocket recently won an award at this year’s German Design Awards for its innovation.


The main centre tube houses basically everything on the bike, including the removable battery and the bike’s computer. It also features the futuristic LED headlamp at the front, and LED brake light and turn signals at the rear. Not only that, on the tech-side of things the Pocket Rocket connects to Android or IOS for fleet management integration.


It approximately weighs just 55kgs, and like most EVs, has regenerative braking. But the most impressive thing about SOL MOTORS’ creation is that it is able to travel up to a range of 50 miles on a single charge and can reach speeds of up to 50mph thanks to its 8.5hp electric motor.

The SOL MOTORS Pocket Rocket electric bike is currently still in the design phase and it might be a year or so before anything hits production. Early murmurs suggest it’ll cost something in excess of £5,000 but keep an eye on the SOL MOTORS Website.


Another company looking to change the personal transport game is CeramicSpeed and their Driven concept. Dubbed ‘the world’s most efficient drivetrain,’ the cycling system does away with chains in favour of carbon fibre.



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