When you think of luxury vehicles, it’s very rare you’ll accompany that thought with eco-friendliness. But design house Duffy London are looking to change that with the development of their Solaris Global Cruiser, a luxury motor yacht that is solar powered providing free, clean fuel.

Solaris Global Cruiser Yacht

With the Solaris Global Cruiser yacht by Duffy London, Joes will be able to cruise along silently at big speeds over long distances, just as you would with a sailing yacht. But unlike a conventional sailing boat, you’re not at the mercy of wind dictating your speed and direction.

Duffy London is the design house brainchild of Christopher Duffy. All designs are ideas-based, combining art and function and playing with the concepts of gravity, geometry and illusion. Boasting strong eco-credentials, everything is handmade to order by skilled craftspeople in the UK, using sustainable materials.

Solaris Global Cruiser Yacht Duffy London 1
And the Solaris is no different. Made using state of the art manufacturing techniques, it has an extremely strong and light hull, shell and interior. This combined with the very latest in battery and solar technology, creates a super-yacht that could potentially never require refuelling. Well, that’s the aim at least!

Most luxury yachts requires vast amounts of unclean energy to travel actually relatively short distances. The system Duffy London are proposing relies on pure solar-powered energy. As such, the Solaris is clad in solar panels throughout.

Solaris Global Cruiser Yacht Duffy London 4
But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t possess that luxury feel. While images annoyingly haven’t yet been rendered for inside the hull, the upper looks immaculate with linear geometrics and wood dominating the feel of the deck. We even quite like the solar panels as well!

While the Solaris Global Cruiser yacht is billed as a concept so far, Duffy London have still smacked a price tag on it, and unsurprisingly it’s enough to make your eyes water. The Solaris will set back discerning eco-Joes back a mere £25million. Head over to the Duffy London Website for more details.

Solaris Global Cruiser Yacht Duffy London 3
Solaris Global Cruiser Yacht Duffy London 2



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