Sony Has Unveiled an Autonomous, Electric Car

Tech giant Sony – maker of PlayStations, headphones and all sorts of other techy nonsense – has only gone and built a full blown car. Debuting at the 2020 CES show, the electric Sony Vision-S prototype showcases all of Sony’s tech know-how with 33 different sensors, high-end 360 audio, and autonomous driving capabilities.

Though purely a concept for now, Sony’s Vision-S car “demonstrates the contribution it intends to make to realise a highly advanced autonomous driving society”. Style-wise, it looks perfectly pretty from where we’re sitting with a four-door saloon/coupe feel that features a full-length lightbar up front.

According to Sony, the Vision-S is powered along by two electric blocks offering 200 kW of power each, which would allow this concept to hit 0 to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds. It will also allegedly max out at 240 km/h.

Sony Vision-S Autonomous, Electric Car 4

The main feature Sony seems to be pushing is the Vision-S’s array sensors. All 33 of them. CMOS sensors recognise objects around the car and use LiDAR to build a 3D map of its surroundings. Time of Flight sensors then detect people inside the car.

Sony Vision-S Autonomous, Electric Car 3

Speaking of the interior, unsurprisingly it’s packed with gadgets such as a dash-spanning display and displays mounted in the headrests for rear-seat passengers. The platform itself is an exclusive design by Magna and can be adapted for other uses like SUVs. There’s also ‘360 Reality Audio’ with speakers built into the seats. Naturally.

As mentioned, the Sony’s move into the automotive game is just a concept at this stage but we like the idea at least. What do you think? Could it ever happen? Let us know in the comments below and find out more over at the Sony Website.

Sony Vision-S Autonomous, Electric Car 2
Sony Vision-S Autonomous, Electric Car 1
Sony Vision-S Autonomous, Electric Car 5

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