Last year we featured a giant, five-story vending machine for cars that opened outside Nashville, Tennessee. While it was undeniably cool, it did only sell your standard models from Chevy, Ford and the like. Well, a company in Singapore has gone one step further by building a Supercar Vending Machine.

This Vending Machine in Singapore Spits Out Supercars

Forget crisps and drinks, the Supercar Vending Machine in Singapore is ready to spit out your next Ferrari or Lambo. Dubbed the ‘world’s largest luxury car vending machine’, it features 15 futuristic stories of supercar goodness.

Made by used car seller Autobahn Motors, there are 60 slots in total across the 15 floors, displaying everything from modern luxury sports cars from the likes of BMW and Porsche to more classic cars, such as a 1955 Morgan Plus 4.


While it’s been dubbed a vending machine, it’s annoyingly not self-service. Instead, customers on the ground floor choose from a touchscreen which car they want to see. The car is then sent down within a minute or two thanks to an advanced system that manages vehicle retrieval.


While you’re waiting for your ride, you’re treated to a video introducing the car and a wine or whiskey courtesy of the dealer. But when your car does arrives, it does so in style with a rotation on a turntable illuminated by spotlights.

As great as the Autobahn Motors Supercar Vending Machine is, we doubt we’ll get to see one on these isles anytime soon. But if you want to know more info about the Singapore one, head over to the Autobahn Motors Website.




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