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TESLA Model S P85D

Now the Tesla Model S was an exciting car and something we loved the look of at Average Joes. But the newly announced Tesla Model S P85D blows the old model out of the water with increased performance capabilities and the coolest of all cool gadgets in its new “autopilot” system.

The new P85D version is a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive of the Tesla Model Model S. When at full throttle, that second motor brings the max speed up to 155mph. It also means the 0-60mph has been brought down to 3.2 seconds – that’s most definitely supercar territory even if it’s top speed might not be. The car possesses an astonishing 682bhp and 930Nm of torque.

There’s also the new “autopilot” system that’s been announced for all new Tesla cars. An array of sensors enable the on-board computer to perform numerous self-driving and driver-assistance functions. This is achieved through a long-range radar, a camera with image recognition that can read road signs as well as spot pedestrians and a 360-degree long-range sensor. The result is a car that can park itself, drive to a pick-up spot while you wait and even pick you up at a certain time.


There’s conflicting reports that suggest the contrary, but it seems the car is not yet full prepared to drive unassisted on the open road (which would be illegal anyway we are sure). What is certain is the car is very safe and very very fast. While it may not be the most extravagant, it’s also great to look at. The selling point of course though is the autopilot features and it’ll be interesting to see how far Tesla can push this. Fully self-driving cars could be very close in paper, but actually driving on our public roads are years away.

The price of $127,000 might sound a lot but is actually pretty good value if you compare it to other cars on the market – particularly when you consider the advanced and progressive technology involved.




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