The Future Is…. Electric – Introducing the Honda E

The future of automobiles is most definitely electric propulsion. But how do you make this work for the masses? Will there be enough electricity to go around when the whole world is trying to simultaneously charge their cars and cook their dinner? We sat down with Jorgen Pluym, Head of Energy Management at Honda to ask just these questions.

We have a growing need for more energy, but whilst a greener world burns less fuels, everything we want to use either runs on electricity or runs from a battery which is of course originally charged up from the grid. Is combating one source of CO2 adding to the problem of increasing CO2 by demanding more even more power?

There are some big names in the electric car market at the moment, whilst a few years ago the world was niche, it certainly isn’t now. Everyone is trying to solve the problem of how much electricity can you fit into a car battery (not your starter). The questions of range, speed of charging, capability and whole life CO2 impact are all paramount questions that will shape not only the automotive world but our futures.

Honda have developed an urban EV. The Honda E is due for launch next year in the United Kingdom and will set out to change the minds of us pessimistic Brits. Honda have not just thought of the car, but charging solutions is just as important and our impact of power. In short, using smart connectivity, the car and its home charging station will decide when and how fast the charge should be. If a full battery is required by the morning, the car will receive a trickle charge over night and be ready for you.

Honda don’t like to use the term ‘fast charging’ they prefer ‘emergency charging’. And that’s what it should be called. For this segment of the market, the urban driver should very rarely need a 250 mile range put in to their car in 35 minutes. This put unnecessary strain on the power grid and impacts the efficiency of the system and a short term suck on energy. We can’t have everyone coming home, putting their cars on a fast charge and then boiling the kettle to make a cup of tea. When there is less demand the Honda E will then start to charge and be ready for the morning drive to work. Charge at home and top up at work. If emergency charging is required, then a zero to eighty percent is available in 30 minutes.


For everyone that doesn’t have a power socket next to their front door, Honda have teamed up in the UK with Ubitricity to provide intelligent residential on-street charging. Where current lamp post and other road furniture have been adapted to provide their customers with top up points for their EV. Ubitricity have a simple automatic billing system which of course has an app for your phone making life a little more easy. All the electricity from Ubiticity is sourced from green energy which is also another plus point.

The Honda E can be ordered much like any other Honda. Dealerships will help you create your perfect model and will reserve a car for you for delivery next year. This is not a prototype, its happening, the future is here.

With pop out door handles, side camera mirror system with five screen digital dash and advanced safety features such as collision mitigation throttle control the new little Honda is not just cute, its clever too.

The clever little box of cuteness, will available to customers Summer 2020. You can reserve you place in the electric future by visiting the” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Honda Website.