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Top 10: Cars of all Time

With such a broad spectrum of possibilities, being able to pick through the top ten cars of all time is no easy task. Whether you judge a great car by the size of its engine, the depth of its prestige or merely because it’s the car that your dad drove when you were smaller; at the end of the day, it is all down to you.

Here however, based on popularity and game changing credentials, here are our top ten cars of all time (with a little help from the pro’s):

10. Toyota Prius

Although this addition may very well be frowned upon by some, we kick off with the Toyota Prius, a car which is simply changing the way in which we drive.

Available as a fully hybrid electric vehicle, the car was Japan’s top selling car in 2009 and due to rising oil prices caused by the Arab Spring in 2011, the car saw a rise in sales; showing perhaps just where the future of cars is now, or at least very soon to be heading.


9. Jaguar XJ

One of the most successful cars in the history of Jaguar, having been in production now for just over 44 years, the XJ was the last Jaguar saloon to have any input whatsoever from founder, Sir William Lyons – and that means something.

After the X351 was unveiled at the Saatchi gallery in 2009, there was a risk of such a radical design, within a vehicle of such tradition and the previous models; luckily for Jaguar however people loved it and one of the biggest gambles in the company’s history became also one of its biggest assets; the reason why the XJ finds itself within our list of top ten cars.

Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 1968-73

8. Mercedes-Benz SLK McLaren

Now found in its third generation with the new R172 having being released officially in 2011, the SLK highlights quite beautifully everything that Mercedes represents; elegance, power and most importantly, quality.

With enough equipment, goodies and security to satisfy the likes of James Bond, the SLK remains one of the most exciting cars on the road today.


7. Jaguar MK 2

One of the most popular cars in British culture, with the likes of Inspector Morse and Withnail & I both favouring the vehicle, the MK2 is now viewed as one of the old cornerstones of the British motor industry.

Providing inspiration too for the 1999 S-Type, the car is a powerhouse of a vehicle even by today’s standards; with a top speed of 119 mph and an acceleration of 0-60 in 11.9 seconds, the car trumps most of the vehicles found on the roads today. Not bad for something out of the early sixties.


6. Volkswagen Beetle

One of the most famous and recognisable cars in the history of the planet, the Volkswagen Beetle led the way for economy cars and from 1938 through to 2003, over 21 million of them had been manufactured by Volkswagen.

Since being associated in the 60s’ with the hippie movement and surfing cultures, the car has been one of the leading symbols of the era, along with its cousin, the VW Camper; remaining today one of the most iconic vehicles ever to lay four wheels on the road.


5. Ford Mustang

One of the greatest muscle vehicles in history, the Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars of the American vehicle manufacturing industry. Now in its fifth generation of production, the game is on for a sixth generation release in 2014; most likely coming under a 2015 model.

Like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mustang has found itself forever embedded in modern day culture having being featured in many television shows and films.


4. Mercedes-Benz 540K

Although by today’s standards the production of the 540K was relatively low, with only 400 cars manufactured from 1935-1940, the 540K remains one of the most iconic vehicles ever to be produced by Mercedes-Benz.

Unveiled to the world at the 1936 Paris Motor Show, the car went on to optimize the luxury of what Mercedes could offer and was even bought by numerous Nazi government officials; Herman Goring ordered his own specially made 540K, known as the Blue Goose. With an impressive five litre engine and a top speed of around 111mph, who could blame him?


3. Porsche 911

A car favoured by the likes of Richard Hammond, the Porsche 911 is loved by petrol heads everywhere and remains one of the most notable cars in the spectacular Porsche menu.

With the car closing in on its 50th anniversary, the vehicle has won numerous awards in its lifetime including a #2 placing on Automobile Magazine’s list of “100 coolest cars”. After the release of the 991 only last year, the vehicle has gone on to renew the credibility of Porsche and was titled World Performance Car 2012.


2. Jaguar E Type

A car that even today, every child can recognise, the Jaguar E Type remains one of the most respected vehicles not only by Jaguar, but every car manufacturer in the world.

After 14 years of sales between 1961-1974, more than 70,000 E Types were sold throughout the word. Ranking first in The Daily Telegraph’s “100 most beautiful cars of all-time” the grace of the car is something which continues to resonate throughout today.

Though the car has been out of production for nearly 30 years, you can still expect to pay a princely sum for any second hand E-type; ranging from £25,000 right through to £70,000 for a well-loved model.


1. Ford Model T

A car that in many ways helped define the way in which we live today, not enough words in the English language can muster just how important the Model T really was.

Whilst being regarded as the very first affordable automobile to ever be released (costing a mere $260 in the 1920s), it was also the very first car that was ever manufactured on an assembly line; a process if never invented, would find us in a very different lifestyle today.

In 1927, after a total of 15 million cars, the production of the Model T came to an end and there with it, the most unique and important phase of car manufacturing history.


There we have it, our handpicked top 10 cars in association with Inchape Mercedes Benz. Agree or don’t? WHy not vote below or comment!

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