It’s been a while since Toyota have released a car worth shouting about. The last Toyota sports coupé that graced our roads was the Celica, way back in 1999. Things have changed since then and so has Toyota’s outlook. And now we get behind the wheel with our Toyota GT86 Test Drive.

Toyota GT86 First Drive

A shift of focus and a collaboration with Subaru has seen them come up with the brand new GT86 and it does seem to be rather good! This rear wheel drive coupé quite simply puts the fun back into driving and wont fail to put a smile on your face. Toyota and Subaru have worked together on this car for a while, and the rumour mill has been going haywire ever since. You can see why two heads are certainly better than one on this car.

We had the chance to take the Toyota GT86 for a road test around Barcelona, and even managed to sneak in a few laps round a race track – here’s what we thought of the car.



It’s a cool looking car. The aggressive styling, the flared bonnet detail that runs through to the back of the car and the twin exhausts at the rear of the car create an impressive look. It certainly looks like a car that costs more than it actually does. We have heard the odd comment about people not liking the rear, we think it is a little like Marmite, but we kinda like Marmite…!


The interior is pitched pretty much perfectly. The bucket seats are comfortable and you certainly won’t end up in the passenger seat when you throw it around a corner. The dials and instruments are all in the right position for the driver and bring a touch of quality with them as well. As soon as you get in the car you feel at home. Push the stop/start button and you are greeted by a fantastic noise from the 2.0-litre boxer engine that just doesn’t get old.


On the Road

This is back to basics pure driving bliss. It’s real wheel drive, has a 2.0 litre flat-four engine and delivers 200 BHP which makes this new sports car really decent to drive. There are no computers and no turbo chargers – just you, your heavy right foot and the steering wheel. It really is a car you get to drive. The steering is responsive, the brakes do their job brilliantly and it corners as well as any car we have driven.

Driving around the stunning backdrop of Barcelona we did find GT86 to be a little sluggish when accelerating in second gear, it just didn’t want to ‘go’. Lack of torque in the lower revs, and the gearbox can also catch you out at times but not enough for any real concerns.

On the track

Awesome! Driving this car round the track is so much fun, I don’t think I would have traded a hot tub full of scantily clad women for the thrill. On the track it was brilliant – it wants to go faster, it wants to go sideways and it wants to make a lot of noise. Of course there are quicker cars on the track but you probably wont be having as much fun as when you are flying around a corner sideways in the GT86.


Toyota GT86 First Drive Verdict

Reading this review and any other review you find on the GT86, you will find one common word throughout each one – FUN. Don’t mistake fun for a cover up for a bad car, it’s not. This is a quality sports coupé, and the amazing thing? You can grab one for under £25,000. It will deliver an original and pure driving experience. Toyota have done a brilliant job with the GT86 and it certainly us with a smile on our face all day.

Verdict in three words – Awesome, Fun, Want!

We loved the Toyota GT86, let us know what you think and don’t forget we have been forced to join Google+ by the search engine giant.



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