Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Trakrok Concept

The Trakrok Concept is a hybrid between a quadbike and a snowmobile, with a track to the rear and two rugged looking wheels at the front to make it capable of taking on all anything from mud to snow.

The Trakrok is propelled by three electric motors, one for each of the front wheels, and a final one to power the tracks to the the rear meaning the Trakrok would have more torque than the equivalent quadbike. The motors utilise a fuel cell system and uses renewable hydrogen fuel and this technology sits inside the Trakrok’s bodywork to keep it out of harms way and also lowers the vehicles centre of gravity for a more stable ride with increased grip. The bodywork is made from anodized aluminium, which protects everything from the rugged terrain that the Trakrok is designed to deal with and appears like a shell-like cage or exoskeleton.

The uses for such a vehicle may not be limited to leisure purposes, and could easily be applied to military, agricultural or construction or logistics purposes and with such versatility alongside its environmentally friendly attributes, it is hard to see why the Trakrok wouldn’t take a few industries by storm. Of course that is if it can live up to it’s credentials…



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