Volvo Trucks is back with another one their awesome Live Tests, a string of short videos which demonstrate Volvo Trucks’s feats of engineering in novel and often brilliant ways. This time is the turn of the Volvo FH and the ‘The Flying Passenger’.

Volvo Trucks ‘The Flying Passenger’ - A Real Life Test

Whilst ‘Viral Video’ may be overused and often incredibly irrelevant to most – Volvo have done an incredible job on some literally jaw dropping videos (many of which we have featured). Remember The Hook? The then VP stood on the front of a lorry whilst it was winched into the air just using it’s towing hook?! Or Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits across two suspended trucks? Or pulling 750 tonnes (20 shipping containers) in a standard truck? They have always pushed things to the limit and perhaps this latest stunt is altogether a little more, subdued.

‘The Flying Passenger’ marks another world first for Volvo Trucks and in this latest Live Test, a Volvo FH tows a paraglider up the Dinaric Alps in Croatia in a precision stunt never before seen, with the truck driver having to maintain a high cruising speed – despite the slope – to keep the paraglider in the air.

As well as taking the para-glider up the steep mountain, the driver also manages to maintain speed and precision while going under the narrow opening of an overhanging bridge. The latest Volvo Live Test highlights the performance of Volvo Trucks’ unique powertrain, again fitted with now world famous I-Shift Dual Clutch.

As well as providing excellent performance, the unique gearbox also has an important impact on productivity. The I-Shift Dual Clutch provides power shift gear changes that ensure the engine does not lose any torque when changing gears under tough conditions, which means it also considerably lowers fuel consumption.

“Driving on high gears and securing seamless gear shifting is an important factor for fuel efficiency. The I-Shift Dual Clutch enables smooth driving whilst staying in high gears and low revs,” says Staffan Wendeberg, Product Manager FH and Long Haul at Volvo Trucks.

The Flying Passenger’ is the latest instalment in Volvo Trucks’ Live Test series. Previous videos include ‘The Epic Split’, ‘The Hamster Stunt’ and ‘Look Who’s Driving’. So far the Live Test series has been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube. Watch the latest video below and head over to the Volvo Trucks Website to find out more.

Volvo Trucks Video ‘The Flying Passenger’ - A Real Life Test

This post has been kindly sponsored by Volvo Trucks.



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