VW Amarok Review

It may not be Average Joes usual fodder, but the pick-up truck is on the rise. Gone are the days when the market really only had Toyota and the odd Mitsu flung in. Once upon time, they would never have been deemed lifestyle unless you were currently reading Farmers Weekly, but as times change, so do uses and class of product. With a growing market sector and variety of uses, 4×4 pick-ups are common place, and the most recent to the party is VW. So read on for the new VW Amarok Review.

VW Amarok Review

Interior & Equipment

Once behind the wheel you notice that this car has somewhat of a split personality. It has many car-like bits from the VW parts-bin but it is also big and spacious. The view over the road is commanding and you can easily judge the dimensions whilst manoeuvring, which is a rare quality in a 4×4 of this type and size. There is a reasonable amount of kit but whilst it isn’t as agricultural as some, it certainly isn’t luxurious. It isn’t a tech-fest either. Some rivals like the Ford Ranger we tested last year offer more toys to keep you entertained, and we were a little surprised at just how basic the VW Amarok was. It is well built though and everything falls easily to hand as you would expect from the German manufacturer.


VW Amarok On The Road

The Amarok is very easy to drive. The steering is light and the gear-change is effortless compared to the size and type of vehicle. The ride is acceptable but not totally refined and has a tendency to hop & skip over bumps. Which is a pity, after all this is likely to be used along country roads where uneven surfaces and potholes are the norm. Without anything in the load-bed you can feel the lack of weight over the back wheels and speed-bumps can be an unpleasant experience. The TDi engine has plenty of power and is quite nice to use on a day-to-day basis. It will happily cruise at motorway speeds but let’s be honest, if that is what you want then you are looking in the wrong place, if you want refinement, get a Toureg.

VW Amarok Off Road Review

We did get the Amarok a little muddy and it did rather well. We used it in a typical farming, light off-road capacity and it coped with everything as expected. A simple switch puts the Amarok in 4WD and there really wasn’t anything it couldn’t do. It doesn’t have the highest ground clearance by any means, but that shouldn’t be a problem 99% of the time.

It’s off road abilities far outweighed the ones possessed by the chump behind the wheel. Even on road tyres it tackled slippery inclines and muddy, rutted fields with relative ease. VW doesn’t have a strong heritage in 4×4, but their cars are built to last, and we see the Amarok being no different.


VW Amarok Review Verdict

Overall the the Amarok is perfect for someone looking to use it for their trade, with a little bit of family transport thrown in. With a bit more kit it could be an ideal hobbiests / adventurers car, but it just isn’t quite exciting enough. That crown goes to the Ford Ranger which gets you more bang for your buck.

The VW Amarok is well built and a doddle to drive but it lacks any sense of involvement whilst you are behind the wheel, which is a little disappointing.