The Golf GTI, it has something about it, and we should have known it would be something special way back in the eighties. The car of many a mans dream (if over 28) and that very much includes us. There is one car to own on my bucket list, that is a MK1 Volkswagen Golf GTI, THE hot hatch and one of the most iconic cars of all time.

VW Golf GTI Review

No easy job to fill those boots then hey? Even so, we have to give it a chance, so we got behind the wheel of the latest and brand new VW Golf GTI, the current MK7. The last few incarnations have perhaps lacked a little bite, lacked a little of the fun and that pure driving factor that made the golf so famous, one you are unable to describe, only feel with the broad smile on your face. And in short, this new GTI has hit the nail on the head, and then some. Here is why with our Volkswagen Golf GTI Review.


VW Golf GTI Style

The best looking golf ever? For us not quite, it is no Mark 1 but it is very close and without doubt the most aesthetically pleasing in recent years. Although curvy you can tell this is a Golf GTI, with those curves giving strong lines and encapsulating an original bodywork somehow.

Although compact, there is a reasonable amount of room in the Golf, large family car it isn’t but small family car it very well could be. Although the front seems lower, more angular, the stance is mean without being over the top and overall it just exudes class, not something you might expect on paper. From the front it is very much Scirroco like, and it’s only once you step back that you realise this is well and truly a golf in all its glory.


VW Golf GTI Interior

Golf’s and VW’s in general have always lacked when it comes to interiors, no frills and workmanlike would be the best way to describe them, and for once, VW seem to be heading in the right direction. And strangely it is the history which sets the tone, those original black seats with tartan inserts are taken directly from the original golf (well the theme!), and it is great to see them. If makes you feel instantly at home and though I am sure not for all tastes (don’t worry other options are available), but for most, a perfect tonic. And of course that ever present ‘golf ball’ like gear stick handle is back yet again.

The rest, well its pretty much Audi from a few years ago. It may not be ground breaking and futuristic, but it is a solid and proven formula which for a drivers car such as this, does work perfectly. There are flashes of chrome and a few little pieces of technology to make everything work that little bit smoother. A clear and uncluttered cockpit just seems to work, it doesn’t allow for distractions to make you think of anything else but the road and car you are driving.

VW Golf GTI On the Road

Where do we start? Although slightly slower, the manual brings the fun factor, though of course can become a little cumbersome on longer journeys or in traffic for commuting, but for the pure driving enthusiast, is there honestly another way to go?

The ride is well balanced, smooth enough to take in all but the greatest bumps yet more than capable of sticking to rails when winding your way round country roads and B tracks. Don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t a little bit of give though. Push it that little bit harder and turn off the traction control and that ear to ear cheesy grin go-kart handling is here for everyone to see. And it is a joy to behold.

For those longer runs, the you will find a respectable MPG, heading and holding around the 40mpg mark, quite usable for an everyday car with more than a little bit of bite.


VW Golf GTI Review Verdict

Overall we loved the new Golf GTI, and perhaps we didn’t realise quite how much until we actually starting writing this piece. A great mix of fun and driving pleasure but with the added ability to scale it back and become and everyday run around. With prices starting just over £20K the new VW Golf GTI is actually quite affordable, especially when teamed with his good MPG. It isn’t the quickest on the market, but for all round fun it is very difficult to beat. The hardest decision will be manual or DSG, short term it would be manual all day, but owning the car for a couple of years for the general commute added to the extra pace must tilt the tide towards the DSG. Doesn’t it?

Golf GTI Review Model:
Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 TSI. £26,000; 0-60mph 6.5 secs; Top Speed 152mph; Economy 47.1 mpg; CO2 139g/km, Engine 1996cc Petrol; Power 220PS; Gearbox 6-speed manual.




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