Summer will soon be here with many of us getting out of the UK for some sun and sea with the Joes. Invariably this will mean one of your mates will push the idea of jet skiing – you’re abroad after all! Well, we think we might have found the best looking water toy around in the new Wavekat P70!

Wavekat P70

Not quite a jet ski but not quite a speedboat, the Wavekat is one of the most agile luxury water toys we’ve ever come across. It looks like jaw-droppingly good fun with impressive manoeuvrability that will keep you on the waves for hours.

The makers are calling it the “ultimate driving experience on water,” And we think we’re going to take their word for it! With its patented design and mid-mounted engine the Wavekat P70 is a truly revolutionary designer watercraft.

Able to perform 90º turns while continuing at high speed, the catamaran style layout allows this water go-kart to remain stable so you can put your foot down and power across the water at speeds of 65kph/40mph – or 35+ knots for your sailors out there. Whatever measurement you prefer, that’s very rapid.

Wavekat say that the boat requires no lessons or licenses due to its intuitive design, which sees a foot throttle and steering wheel making the Wavekat P70 feel just like driving a go-kart on water.

According to Wavekat you’ll get your speedboat within 55 days of ordering, with a manufacture time of approximately 45 days and a shipping time of 10 days. But what about the price? Well, it’s not cheap and comes in at $22,500 plus shipping (whatever that will be). But my word it looks fun! Check out the Marine Toys and Tenders Website for more specs and to order one.




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