If you’re anything like us Joes in the office, you probably haven’t been able to snag yourself a pair of beautiful Yeezys. And much like us, that’s probably left you sad. But while you might not be able to grab a pair you can wear, you can buy some Yeezys in air freshener form thanks to the lovely Joes at Sole Flavours!

Yeezy Air Freshener

Yes, you can now support Yeezus by purchasing the ‘YZY’ air freshener, which have been designed by Sole Flavours and Kick Posters. And guess what? They’re a whole load cheaper than the actual thing.

The YZY fresheners are available in two packs; one is made up of the ‘Turtle Dove’ and ‘Oxford Tan’ colorways, smelling of ‘Forest Fresh’ and ‘Juniper Breeze’ respectively; while the other packs the ‘Pirate Black’ and ‘Moonrock’ silhouettes and smells like ‘New Car’ and ‘Melon’.

Yeezy Air Fresheners 3
You can get hold of the YZY air fresheners now at the Sole Flavours Website where they’re being sold for £6 per pack. They also do some Nike and Vans air fresheners if Yeezys aren’t your thing!

Yeezy Air Fresheners 2



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