Last updated on July 21st, 2011 at 01:28 pm

All complete! They guys done a fantastic job and we all made it back to Norwich in pretty much one piece. So far we have raised over £6000 and you can still donate over at

Update 12/06/2011
Well it’s the end of a long day, after not reaching the hotel till nearly midnight last night and up at 6am this morning I feel fairly shattered. Addto that nearly 70 miles of hilly west country in pooring rain and you get the idea!! But day 1 is under the belt and the mood in the camp is good, I am personally hoping for less huge downhills tomorrow as I was close to crapping myself a few times today heading down hill in the wet somewhere between 30 and 40 mph on what can only be described as two rubber bands!!

120 miles tomorrow from St Austell, round the south coast and up to Exeter. I will however have Game of Thrones to look forward too, it’s the little wins!! Night all!

Update 10/06/2011
Less than 24 hours till I set off and to be honest I am getting a little nervy! I wasn’t but with everyone telling me I’m an idiot for putting myself through this, and people asking me if I am nervous it seems to be kicking in!!

Not to mention I have just done my handover email and passed the reigns to the team, which makes me worry more!! If all does go up in flames, please come back in a week? ;-) Don’t forget you can donate (as little as £2 to

Update 06/06/2011
Well I just finished the Norwich 100 (and well done to Mik for doing it as well) and that is training completed pretty much for the ride. I feel pretty good and confident, but I know I have 7 more of these to do in a row… Arghhh!

Here at AJB we like to do things a little different, and this year I am planning to ruin my body and participate in a loooong 840 mile charity cycle ride in aid of the Big C – Norfolk and Suffolks local Cancer Charity.

The ride will be spread out over 7 days, averaging a tiny (yeah right!) 120 miles a day or there abouts. Starting on Sunday 12 June (less than 5 weeks away!) we will cycle from Lands End and follow the south coast round and finish up a week later at the Big C HQ in Norwich.

Now ultimately it is all about raising money, so please please give generously, you can donate directly over at We are also still in need of a few bits for the ride, including bike spares and accommodation and you can view our website here.

For updates on the ride, please head over to twitter and follow me – @stuartflatt or the team – @4BigC.

We would also like to give a huge thanks to Ford UK who have kindly supplied us with a support vehicle for the week. They are also on twitter – @FordUK.