10 Shows you must binge right now!

The end of lockdown might seem oh so close but we’re not there yet. If you’re looking for something to fill those evenings until then, Average Joes has you covered with the best shows you should be bingeing right now!

These are the shows we’re loving right now. Some are new and some are decades old but all are 100% binge worthy! We have range of choices for all tastes from sci-fi to political drama.

The Morning Show

This show was one of the first things to land on Apple’s new TV+ service back in 2019. It was glossy and chock full of star power. The series centres around an American morning news show that lands itself in controversy when one of the main anchors (played by Steve Carell) is fired for sexual misconduct. It provides a gripping look inside the lives of the people who work on the show as well grappling with the #MeToo movement. Watch it for the all-star cast and high budget feel.


The West Wing

Hard to believe that The West Wing is 22 years old this year. Especially seeing as lots of the subject covered in the show seem especially relevant today. The show centres around President Joseph Bartlett (played by Martin Sheen) and his White House staff. The staff are the main story really but Martin Sheen’s version of the President is smart, flawed, humble and complex. The opposite of some recent Presidents. Each episode tackles a new issue in their attempt to run the country with some great long term story arcs. A great cast and written by the legendary Aaron Sorkin.

WATCH ON: Channel4


At the time of writing this, we a just a few hours away from the season finale. WandaVision is the first new Marvel Cinematic Universe instalment we’ve had since 2019 and it has been worth the wait. The first three episodes are fun and leave you scratching your head a little but things really ramp up afterwards. It’s a great piece of world-building by Marvel and a great way to give fans of the MCU a new insight into that world. We’ve loved watching this week to week but with the finale so close we might just binge the series again tonight!

WATCH ON: Disney+


Oh Lost! The show that promised so much but explained so little with a season finale that made us almost hate it. But 16 years since it first aired, is Lost worth revisiting? We think so and now that you can get it on Disney+ thanks to their FOX acquisition, it’s got to be worth another go.

WATCH ON: Disney+

Queens Gambit

Someone told us that they wouldn’t watch The Queen’s Gambit because “it was about chess and chess is boring”. This show is far from boring. It had us gripped from the start and we watched it all in around three days. Anya Taylor-Joy is spellbinding in the lead and her climb through the ranks of the chess world is the opposite of boring. This is a great looking show that is very well written. Also benefits from being just one season with a clear beginning, middle and end.

WATCH ON: Netflix

Family Guy

Another show that is somehow 22 years old! That makes us feel old! Family Guy is an institution and our perfect show to put when you’re doing other things around the house. That might sound like an insult but it’s not. Family Guy is such easy watching and missing bits here and there don’t diminish the quality of the show. It’s got some great gags and is infinitely quotable.

WATCH ON: Disney+


This show was originally on Amazon Prime but was unceremoniously axed by the masters of home delivery. Fans were outraged and Netflix quickly stepped in to continue the show. It centres around Lucifer. Yes that Lucifer, otherwise known as The Devil. Based on a comic of the same name, Lucifer gets tired of running Hell and comes to Earth to party, drink and generally have a devilishly good time. Lucifer meets a female police detective who intrigues him more than most mortals and decides to join her in solving murders. Biblical hi-jinx ensues with a whole host of characters from God’s book. A bit procedural at times but highly addictive.

WATCH ON: Netflix

Cobra Kai

Another show saved from the axe by Netflix. Cobra Kai’s first two seasons were first shown by YouTube but it seems they’re less interested in making their own shows these days. Netflix bought the show and immediately commissioned two further seasons. It picks up three decades after the events of The Karate Kid and follows Johnny and Daniel as they begin to train a new generation of martial artists. It’s great and and if you’re even the slightest fan of the original film, you should watch it.

WATCH ON: Netflix


This is the only show on our list that we couldn’t find on streaming platform in the UK. It has been on streaming (We think Amazon Prime) but sadly at the time of writing this it isn’t available. Of course if you have a VPN or don’t live in the UK we’re sure you could track it down easily and it is worth tracking down. It follows David Duchovny’s Hank Moody. A successful writer living in LA with a destructive streak and some of the best lines in TV history. He smokes, drinks and sleeps with a bevvy of women. He’s a flawed character that you can’t help but love. The show is raunchy, funning and heart warming all at the same time. His supporting cast is one of the best and there are some big name cameos throughout the seasons.

WATCH ON: We’re not sure


Before Dan Harmon created Rick & Morty and before the Russo Brothers had broken box office records, there was Community. A show about a group of misfits trying to get by in a community college. The show is meta, self deprecating and wonderfully weird. Not every season is brilliant (and the show even mocks it at times) but the overall show is just superb. It creates its own tropes and pokes fun at tropes from other shows with quality of writing that is rarely seen in shows of this type. Every character is unique and you’ll love each and every one. Bingeing will also allow you to feast on all the subtle gags and easter eggs the writers have laced throughout the series. It really is a must watch.

WATCH ON: Channel4