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127 Hours Film Review
127 Hours Film Review

127 Hours Film Review

The latest offering from UK Indie film maker Danny Boyle follows the real life trials and tribulations of Aron Ralston.

Literally as every second of the film passes you are waiting for the inevitable to happen (which actually happened as I was typing this line!), but the film starts with in quite a fun, loose way. Amazing scenery and a tale of fun and adventure. Biking across the desert, meeting two (pretty average) women and swimming in an amazing underwater blue canyon the story starts by showing Aron’s true character. The free spirit, without a care in the world and completely independent. The pleasantries are soon out of the way though as Aron continues his solo adventure and continues his canyoneering through Blue John Canyon, UTAH, before, well I won’t spoil it.

As the story gets into the ‘meat’ of it, Aron struggles to control his mind as it wanders, shifting back to his childhood, placing him in various dreams. Keeping sane by the small highs such as 15 minutes of sun per day, or managing to create a rope and pully system to give than glimmer of hope, using his imagination and memories to pull him through.

As I watched the film my body and mind placed me in the canyon with him. Feeling claustrophobic, feeling cold as the night time temperatures dropped, my arm numb with pins and needles and my mouth dry as if I had been rationing myself on water for the last 100 hours (luckily not tasting pee!).

I won’t go into the ending as there are still a few twists and things you actually forget about. James Franco plays Aron well even though I was worried at the start, he comes across as a twenty something adventurer without a care in the world.

People will argue this could be better as a 30 minute hard hitting documentary but the added film just adds to the intensity. An unbelievable tale charting the personal highs and lows over 127 hours of a young mans life. A must see film for anyone who remotely likes film and movies. If you don’t get it or don’t find this film interesting I propose you go and check out our cartoon posts, as brilliant films like this are obviously too intellectually challenging for you…


And if you want some extra bed time reading, just check the man out on Wikipedia.



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