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2012 Average Joe's Review

Where has the year gone? It seemed like only yesterday we were hunting for Easter Eggs and looking forward to a Great British Summer. Well we wanted to take a quick trip down memory lane and take stock of the wonderful year of 2012. So, we grabbed a few of our writers around the scruff of the neck and asked them some fairly simple questions:

Favourite Film of 2012:
Favourite Album of 2012:
Most Memorable Sporting Moment:
Sporting Superstar of the Year:
Best Random News Story:
Best New Gadget / Tech:

Read on for our personal choices, berate us on twitter for choosing the wrong ones, and join in by writing in the comments below!!

MJF – @mjflatt

Favourite Film of 2012: Toss up between Skyfall, Hobbit and Batman….Hobbit!
Favourite Album of 2012: I haven’t listened to a whole new album all year, Athlete – Singles is all I need.
Most Memorable Sporting Moment: Mo Farah winning the 10K in London, utterly spine tingling
Sporting Superstar of the Year: Bradley Wiggins, can’t beat a TDF win and Olympic gold!
Best Random News Story: Do NOT feed sausage rolls to police horses over at the BBC.
New Gadget / Tech: GoPro Hero 3 no explanation needed.

Jon – @jonpace

Favourite Film of 2012: Skyfall, an improvement on A Quantum of Solace and one of the only films that made me go to the cinema in an uninspiring year for me.
Favourite Album of 2012: Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da by Madness – The Nutty Boys follow up the underated Liberty of Norton Folgate with another good album.
Most Memorable Sporting Moment: Possibly the hardest thing to choose this year with Olympics, Man City winning Premier League with the last kick, Andy Murray at US Open, Bradley at the TdF, but just for sheer brilliance my choice is Ryder Cup.
Sporting Superstar of the Year: Bradley Wiggins – Watch the Sky Documentary ‘A Year In Yellow’
Best Random News Story: Nothing funnier than Joey Barton making himself look at tit in a French accent!!
New Gadget / Tech: HTC Droid DNA – How to make a phone with a 5″ screen not look ridiculously big. Looking forward to the European variations of this coming our way.

Dave – @davetillyer

Favourite Film of 2012: Skyfall
Favourite Album of 2012: High Contrast – The Agony & the Ecstasy
Most Memorable Sporting Moment: All of our Olympic Medals
Sporting Superstar of the Year: Jessica Ennis
Best Random News Story: Squadron of buried lost Spitfires to be dug-up in Bhuma.
New Gadget / Tech: GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition


Mik – @michaeltowns

Favourite Film of 2012: Skyfall with Argo a very close second
Favourite Album of 2012: Calvin Harris – 18 Months
Most Memorable Sporting Moment: Olympics 2012
Sporting Superstar of the Year: Wiggo
Best Random News Story: In Mexico a pizza delivery guy was shot dead by a couple because he delivered a pizza 10 minutes late. Such a beautiful world we live in.
New Gadget / Tech: New iPad

Youngsy – @averageyoungsy

Favourite Film of 2012: The Avengers, superhero mash up at its best!
Favourite Album of 2012: Mumford & Sons : Babel. Easy listening on long drives
Most Memorable Sporting Moment: Too many to mention with Olympic medals and grand slam winners but England’s demolition job on the All Blacks in Rugby Unions Autumn Internationals was the most thrilling 80 minutes of sport I have seen this year.
Sporting Superstar of the Year: Bradley Wiggins. The iron man of cycling!
Best Random News Story: ‘Dwarf marries Dog in Wendy House!’
New Gadget / Tech: Sonos controller for Ipad/iPhone/ipad. Makes a Sonos system a must have for any house, with access to your smart devices music library only increases the appeal of an already popular solution.


Dan – @Dan_Arlington

Favourite Film of 2012: The Dark Knight Rises is my favourite, although faced tough competition from the superhero ensemble Avengers: Assemble, as well as Looper and Skyfall.
Favourite Album of 2012:Oceana by the Smashing Pumpkins, an album likened to a combination of their varied 90s styles, which should look to inspire the insipid rock of our present generation.
Most Memorable Sporting Moment: Jessica Ennis winning her 800m and getting gold in her heptathlon, watched in a bar in Camden Town surrounded by so many drunks chanting away.
Sporting Superstar of the Year: It has to be Mo Farah, for unlikely winning 2 golds and still being a crazy and loveable man at the same time, and also for giving us the mobot. (feel free to put in the Boris Johnson video)
Best Random News Story: News just in, Norwegian man swerves to avoid Moose, and runs in to bear.
New Gadget / Tech: The Google Nexus 7 is a small smart and remarkably well priced piece of kit that embarasses the Kindle Fire and makes you wonder why anyone would ever waste money on an iPad mini.


Sheldon – @smillieboi

Favourite Film of 2012: Dark Knight Rises, for Bane’s voice if nothing else. Brian Blessed eat your heart out.
Favourite Album of 2012: Miguel – ‘Kaleidoscope Dream.’ Soul, Rock & 70’s vibes. A real eclectic journey.
Most Memorable Sporting Moment: Mo Farah sprinting a 43 second final 400m after having just run 4600m… Incredible.
Sporting Superstar of the Year: Lionel Messi. 80 goals this year and counting is an unbelievable return.
Best Random News Story: – Ridiculous.
New Gadget / Tech: My iPhone 5. I’ve finally been converted, and I don’t think I’ll go back.

Joe – @averagejoesblog

Favourite Film of 2012: Hobbit was amazing, but Looper for me, proving you don’t need special effects galore!
Favourite Album of 2012: ALT-J
Most Memorable Sporting Moment: So many to choose from, but Ryder Cup, come back, on the last day, on American Soil!!!
Sporting Superstar of the Year: Wiggo just shades it over Rory McIlroy for me!
Best Random News Story: Not sure, but my heartbreak was the Lance Armstrong shenanigans.
New Gadget / Tech: Where to start! iPad mini is the only tablet I have ever thought of buying!

There we have it, we can’t wait to see what 2013 brings us! Look out for the re-design in the coming weeks and more excitement than you can shake a stick at!!!

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