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2012 Unsigned Music

Every year we generally get a treat when it comes to music, some new band will appear from no-where just when we have lost all sense of hope. And we pray the crap teen pop bands that are constantly pushed in our faces will hopefully disappear into obscurity (or the sea) and never been seen again.

Well to help us on our merry way in 2012, we have picked 3 un-signed bands from the UK who we think have a reasonable chance of making it in 2012. Agree, disagree? That’s the greatness of music. Just let us know.


The Mazzoni have been around for a while, mumering under the surface, and if you are based in the North West you would have no doubt caught them at some point or another. Supporting the likes of Madness and the Sugarbabes as various times. The indie band take their inspiration from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Oasis, using heavy guitar rifts under a hotbed and husky toned vocals.

Originally forming some 6 years ago as a 5 piece, various re-incarnations now leave Mazzoni as a 4 peice with 2 original members, Mark Rothery on lead vocals & rhythm guitar and Steven Tubman on lead guitar & backing vocals. New members are Mike Proud on bass and Gav Amor on drums.

You can check them out on Facebook and their new single has just gone up on iTunes.

Nina Baker

If you like your music a little more chilled and angelic, then go no further that the extremely talented Nina Baker. Tipped for big things in 2012, she is about to launch her first EP (Friday 3rd February in Norwich) and will then dart off to record her first full album under the guiding mind of Nick Brine (Oasis, Stone Roses, KT Tunstall.)

With a Kate Bush, Adele, Alanis Moorissette vibe, singer, pianist and song writer Nina is expected to make a rather big splash. I was actually lucky enough to convince her to perform in my living room at the end of last year for my birthday. It WILL be my claim to fame in years to come!

Check out her video below, or come along to the EP launch this Friday.


By contrast to the others in our list, De’Vide are the next kids on the block. Joining forces in 201, MC Lexi Lex teams up with long time friend Barny Holmes to create a quite unique 2 piece. Already being featured multiple times on BBC Radio in the last few months and appearing in a bunch on London underground clubs, will 2012 be their year?

With a fair bit of talent, an acoustic guitar and boy band (sorry!) looks, the are sure to go far. Check out their recent drunken night bus performance below which is currently doing the rounds on YouTube (poor camera angle mind!)

Keep an eye out for these guys in 2012, and we of course wish them every success.



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