2017 International Drone Photography Contest Winners Announced

They may not have been around for long relatively speaking, but it’s fair to say the humble drone has changed the landscape when it comes to filming and photography. To celebrate the photographic potential of the drone, Dronestagram, a social network dedicated to aerial photography, has just announced the winners of their 4th annual Drone Photography Contest.

The 2017 International Drone Photography Contest was organised by Dronestagram in partnership with National Geographic, with this year’s contest receiving around 8,000 submissions from all around the world. Each submission was put into one of four categories— Nature, Urban, People and Creative. Here are the winning photos from each.


1st Place: ‘Summer Trim’ by jcourtial, France.


“I went to Valensole hoping to get an original picture rather than the classic view with the sunset in the background. I knew this was the beginning of the harvest season, so I hunted down tractors and waited patiently until some started to harvest in a pattern that would create a pleasing composition from above. I just had to start the drone engine and capture the photo against really strong wind. I thought I would have had a nice picture in the day, but I had no idea this one in particular would be so well received. My girlfriend was with me and I must thank her for you patience as we waited quite a long time to find the perfect spot. It has now become my favorite picture ever taken.”


1st Place: ‘Concrete Jungle’ by bachirm, United Arab Emirates.


“This picture was shot at sunset time in Dubai at 6pm, trying to capture an area which was a literally a desert 10 years back and now became a concrete jungle with the highest buildings in (the city).”


1st Place: ’End of the Line’ by Martin Sanchez, USA.


“It was on a Saturday afternoon in April just before sunset. Earlier in the day I had my batteries fully charged and decided to drive down the New Jersey coast. It was great because the beaches were empty and the coast was clear. The day was fair with the sun peeking here and there. After a full day of exploring and shooting the coast, I was tired and haven’t had anything to eat. All I had was the fuel of some good iced coffee. It was time to finish up so I drove through town to get back on the main highway. While driving, I noticed an empty tennis court that just stood out like a treasured story in a book of empty words. First thing that came into my mind was, can’t finish the day without some visual drone art. I…. This was perfect. After a few takes things got a little weird. Two people came by to play some tennis on the other court. Which no one can disagree, normal thing to do on a tennis court. As they got closer they had no idea what was happening on my end. They seemed very confused, watching (me) just lay on the ground and make weird holding positions. They didn’t know whether to play or call for help. When I was all done, I showed them the somewhat final result and both of them said, ‘Ohhhh! I get it.’”


1st Place: ‘Next Level’ by Macareuxprod, France.


“This picture was captured on a Normand beach with my girlfriend Manon. We look forward to a happy event (a baby) and look for a fun, original, and unusual way to announce it to our loved ones, family and friends. So I had the idea of this picture : Manon & myself creating a baby, represented by an old pram and (looking) like a video game.”

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