As we finally say goodbye to the shitness that was 2016, it’s time to give the warm handshake of hope to 2017. And what better way to ease yourself into the New Year than by bagging yourself a brand spanking new wall calendar?! Cliff Richard and Kelly Brooks are all well and good but we like something a little more unique. So without further ado, here are our favourite quirky wall calendars for 2017.

5 Quirky Wall Calendars for 2017

Nuns Having Fun Wall Calendar 2017

Where: Amazon
Price: £10.99

For all your happening Catholics out there, the nuns are back for 2017 with their best calendar yet. Yes, Nuns Having Fun 2017 is better than ever showcasing the surprising and downright delightful side of convent life. We’ve got nuns on scooters, nuns playing Frisbee, and even nuns on roller coasters. Highly recommended.

Calendars 2017 Nuns Having Fun

Goats in Trees Calendar 2017

Where: Calendar Club
Price: £5.99

If you’re more of an animal-loving Joe, however – fear not – there are more options than ever for 2017. And the Average Joes Quirky Animal Wall Calendar 2017 Award™ goes to Goats in Trees 2017. Yes, a whole calendar dedicated to the phenomenon that is goats climbing trees. This incredible series of shots will leave you amazed, or at the very least amused, all year long!

Calendars 2017 Goats in Trees

Dog Eat Dog Calendar 2017

Where: The Gourmand
Price: £12

But if goats leave you feeling all sheepish, the close runner up in the Average Joes Quirky Animal Wall Calendar 2017 Award™ is this Dog Eat Dog calendar. Made by food and culture journal The Gourmand alongside the trendy Ace Hotel London, Dog Eat Dog features 12 months of K9s and their favourite luxury treats. Think French Boxers and squid ink tagliatelle, golden Labradors and sujuk sausages, as well as Pinscher’s with doughnuts. What’s more – all proceeds will be donated to Blue Cross.

Calendars 2017 Dog Eat Dog

Beards in Kimonos Calendar 2017

Where: Beards in Kimonos
Price: £10

For the more discerning gentlemen, how about bearded men in silk kimonos for your kitchen wall? If that sounds up your street, check out the aptly named Beards in Kimonos calendar. The 2017 version sees full-bearded Joes lounging in opulent rooms around London, wearing little else than silk nightwear. Sometimes eating grapes, sometimes waving fans, each month is a silky smooth surprise.

Calendars 2017 Beards Kimonos 1

Abandoned Mattress Calendar 2017

Where: Walthamstow Tourist Board
Price: £7.99

And finally, if you want to keep things ‘real’ as they say on the streets, nothing could tick that box more than this corker from the Walthamstow Tourist Board (the unofficial one). Yes, crappy London gets embraced by the Abandoned Mattress Calendar 2017. Each month you’ll get to treat your eyes on a different matri which has been photographed by the good folk of E17. The perfect gift for a loved one.

Calendars 2017 Mattress Walthamstow



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