‘You get what you pay for’ is one of life’s mottos that most of us just accept as gospel. Higher cost is always assumed to equate with better quality. But while we’ve found that to be mostly true, it’s often the case that a named brand alone can add on an extra zero to the price tag.

7 Best Brand Knock-Offs

Which is why some imitations will go to extraordinary lengths to imitate the real thing. They’re almost always nowhere near as good but their creative branding is often worth the entertainment value alone. With that in mind, here are some of the most creative and innovative brand knock-offs around!

Bugo Hoss Fragrance

A true classic of the genre, we’re not entirely sure Bugo Hoss would pass the smell test.


Specialman Super Hero

We defy anyone not to think this knock-off action figure is anything but ‘special’. It’s also guaranteed to be a quarter of the price of the real thing!


Robert Cop Action Figure

On a similar line of thought… why would you want a robotic cop saving the day when you could just have a man in a helmet called Robert?


Sellfridges Fridge Shop

In years gone by, if anyone in Stoke Newington needed a fridge, they’d head to Hackney’s most puntastic purveyor of white goods, Sellfridges. It may no longer be around but it’ll never be forgotten.


Mighty Mutant Power Turtles

There’s so much going on with this packet of knock-off gum, we don’t know where to begin.


Skerple Permanent Marker

Since when did permanent markers get a leading brand anyway? Skerple will do the job.


Morrisinghs Corner Shop

But our all-time favourite knock-off comes from North Tyneside, where a local shop owner who named his shop ‘Singhsbury’s’ had to change the name following a complaint from Sainsbury’s supermarket. Not to be defeated, Jel Singh Nagra renamed it ‘Morrisinghs’. We salute you, Sir.


If you love Morrisinghs as much as we do, check out our favourite Supermarket Brand Knock-Offs!



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