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7 Times Barack Obama Confirmed He’s The Coolest Man on The Planet

This week, Barack Obama headed back to his adopted hometown of Chicago to deliver his final presidential speech having served two terms in office as the President of the United States. Putting American politics aside, we think it’s an undeniable fact that Obama is one of, if not the, coolest men on the planet. And here’s why…

When Obama Played Daniel Day-Lewis Playing Himself in ‘Obama: The Movie’

If there’s one thing Obama hasn’t been afraid of during his time at POTUS, it’s poking fun at himself. This was illustrated perfectly during his 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner when the President teamed up with Steven Speilberg to make a short film about a fictional feature aptly named, ‘Obama’. He also shows himself to be quite the method actor as he plays Daniel Day Lewis playing himself!

When The Real President Showed the Kid President Around The White House

Robby Novak AKA. Kid President was a YouTube star who wanted to bridge the gap between grown-ups and kids. Naturally, President Barack Obama invited him down the Oval Office for a meeting of minds, and it is beautiful.

When Obama Caught An Actual Fly

During his first term, Obama had an interview on CNBC with John Harwood. Harwood had just asked the President whether “surgical interventions,” like stimulus packages for banks and auto manufacturers were “messing with the engine of capitalism.” But something was bothering the Pres – a pesky fly. Naturally, Obama deals with it in the only way he knows how… in the absolute coolest way possible!

When Obama Announced He Was Building Iron Man

To spice up a run-of-the-mill White House manufacturing innovation event, President Obama decided to announce an Iron Man was in development…

When Obama Spontaneously Sang ‘Amazing Grace’ During a Eulogy

One of the more touching and profound moments of Obama presidency came midway through his eulogy for South Carolina State Senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was killed in a mass shooting at a Charleston church by a white supremacist. During his closing moments, Obama breaks into a rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’. Not a dry eye in the house.

When Obama Roasted Donald Trump

Before Donald Trump became President-elect, he spent much of his time questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate. To get his own back, Obama gave the Celebrity Apprentice star the roast of all roasts at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011. If only we knew how it would end…

When Obama Dropped The Mic

As he entered his final days as President, Obama had one last White House Correspondents’ Dinner to host. His final speech fired shots at Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and even himself before bowing out in style. Obama Out.



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