With Christmas now only weeks away, chances are you’ve started putting up your decorations. But while most of us stick to the same decorations year in year out, we always think it’s a good idea to freshen up your tree with some shiny new ornaments. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the weirdest alternative Christmas tree decorations cash can buy in 2017!

9 Weird Alternative Ornaments for your Christmas Tree

Trump Snowflake Ornament

Keeping things nice and topical, for better or worse 2017 has undoubtedly been the year of Donald Trump. So give your tree the ‘Angriest Little Snowflake in the USA.’ The ornament is described as a ‘fragile ego on durable porcelain in an equally simple snowflake shape’ and you can even custom your white snowflake ornament with a choice of either black and white or orange face. It’s available at Etsy, seemingly King of all weird ornaments, for £7.68.


Real Moose Poop Star Christmas Ornament

Continuing on a similar theme, you can also get hold of a genuine JUMBO sized moose poop nugget in the form of a decoration this Christmas. A product of Maine, USA, the Real Moose Poop Star Christmas Ornament is made by drying out the dung, coating it in polyurethane and adding a bit of string. We’re promised there is no smell whatsoever and the makers even suggest you could wear it as a neckless! This is premium excrement so the Poop Star Ornament will set you back £16.21 over at Etsy.


KFC Christmas Tree Decorations

Probably our favourite of all the weird decorations, KFC in New Zealand recently announced that they’ll be releasing a set of ornaments for your Christmas tree this festive season. The set includes a drumstick, fries, a wing, a bucket of fried chicken and Colonel Sanders. Unfortunately, they’re limited edition and will only be sold to Kiwis. We’d recommend having a look on eBay if you just can’t miss out.


Ted Bundy Tree Ornament

If you’re into your true crime, perhaps you’ll be tempted by these minimalist baubles of famed serial murderer Ted Bundy? These plastic baubles are about 2.5 inches wide and come with a metal hook. They’re individually made, so you can even get it made in any colour you so choose. A bargain for £6 over at Etsy, and they even do a Charles Manson one if you prefer your serial killers a little less charming.


Horror Film Christmas Baubles

For those horror flick buffs, check out this set of 5 hand painted Christmas baubles consisting of Jason from ‘Friday The 13th’, Sam from ‘Trick ‘r Treat’, the slasher from ‘Scream’, Chucky from ‘Child’s Play’, and Jigsaw from ‘Saw’. Available over at Etsy for £11.58 each or £42.47 for a selection of five.


Zombie Severed Ear Ornament

In a similar mode, these Severed Ear Ornaments are ideal for those who need some extra trimmings for your traditional zombie Christmas tree. The ears are made of polymer clay with a wire loop armature embedded for stability. Another Etsy classic available for £11.58.


Bill Murray Christmas Bauble

Nothing says Christmas quite like a graphic design of Bill Murray dressed as Steve Zissou from Wes Anderson’s ‘The Life Aquatic…’ on a pale blue bauble with the tidings of ‘Murray Christmas’ on the back. The great man even looks like Santa himself, so it’s probably the easiest on our list to get away with! Available from Baltic Shop for £10.95.


Boob Ornament

One for the kids, these Boob decorations are hand sewn with felt and embroidery thread, gold bell, and twine. Made with love and intent, and once again available over at Etsy for a perky £9.27.


Glitter Bacon Christmas Ornament

Bacon is brilliant no matter what time of year. Heck, we even BBQ it on Christmas morning – seriously – so we say give the salty meat the recognition it deserves this Christmas by adding a blinged-out bacon ornament to your traditional tree. Handcrafted in glass, the ornament is dusted with glitter and topped with a loop so it’s ready to hang. Grab one for £12 over at the Urban Outfitters Website.


And with that, we wish you the weirdest possible Christmas! Also check out our best Alternative Christmas Advents Calendars for 2017!



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