There are two kinds of furniture in this world. There’s the plain, every day kind, the kind that subtly does its job with minimal fuss; and then there’s the attention-grabbing, completely-absurd-yet-awesome kind – furniture that might not be as practical or hardy as your boring brown armchair, but who cares? It’s a talking point in itself; its impracticality is all part of the novelty.

The Abyss Table

Obviously, the ‘Abyss Table’ falls into the latter group. The name alone hints at its absurdity; after all, anything with the word ‘abyss’ in its title is bound to be out of the ordinary. And this piece by British designer Christopher Duffy certainly lives up to its name.

Made from sculpted glass and wood, the table looks like a chunk of earth that’s been taken from the sea bed and then miniaturised. The London-based designers supposedly had this concept in mind when designing the piece, and were inspired by the way that sheets of thick glass darkened as layers were placed upon one another – a similar effect to the darkening of the sea as one dives deeper. Certainly, by looking at the table one gets a sense of the mysteries of the deep, and of how less is known about this scary underworld than the surface of the moon. However, this conversation-starter is far smaller than the Mariana Trench, measuring 63” long x 31½” wide x 18” tall, making it an unobtrusive replacement for your current dull coffee table.

Unfortunately, the chance to grace your living room with the Abyss does not come cheap. Each piece is going to retail at £9,800 with delivery expected to take 8-12 weeks (the tables are hand-made). And, on top of this, only 25 editions are due to be made.

An interesting conversation starter, then, even if the staggered glass and wood layers does give it a distinctly Minecraftesque aura.




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