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Adam Hills: Happyism DVD Review

Adam Hills: Happyism Live is the latest stand-up DVD from Adam Hills (really? You don’t say?), released perfectly in time for Christmas along with a plethora of other comedians. Brimming with his characteristically good humour and charm, this makes conveniently entertaining viewing for the entire family.

Practically the face of the Paralympics in London in 2012, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone around these parts that wouldn’t recognise him now. For those that aren’t aware, Adam is an Aussie, was born without a right foot, and has gone from strength to strength on the comedy circuit through being incredibly funny, doing good deeds and tackling disability head on in a straight forward, no-nonsense way.

Attending the filming of Happyism, we expected a typically exuberant performance from Adam Hills, and we can guarantee that this won’t disappoint. In what has become a trademark of sorts, Adam spent more than half of his show interacting with the crowd. Most people squirm at the thought of having a comedian single them out amongst the crowd, but, if it was possible, people would have queued to speak to Adam. Getting down to details with the young and old alike, he weaved (as daintily as one might expect) through the crowd keeping generally good mirth amongst his audience who had been kept waiting to see him an extra hour due to a ticketing balls-up.

We are big Adam Hills fans, we sat back at the break and realised that he’d successfully managed to get a crowded Hammersmith Apollo to go with the flow for the first entire half and we were wondering if he’d bothered to prepare material for Happyism at all. We were also surprised at the amount of “funny accents” he’d put on in that hour – surely he had lampooned most nationalities by this point? Rest assured though, Adam is hardly being racist, if anything, it was more the Mel Brooks style of taking racism at face value and showing it for how absurdly stupid the very concept is… Fortunately, come the second half, we got to see something creative that lead to the title of the show: Happyism.

Adam Hills Happyism Tag Line

Without taking anything away from the DVD itself, Happyism is Adam’s idea of a religion, based around a message from his grandfather and generally the position he finds himself in life. Happyism isn’t the easiest concept to explain, why is why it is better to leave it to the man himself on the DVD, but it is safe to say that it’s a good strong message that most of us can subscribe to. In the modern age of popularist atheism, maybe Adam is on to a bit of a winner? There is a fantastic Muppet related story that crosses all age barriers that leads to the climax of the show – a slightly bonkers song and dance number. This encapsulates everything there is to really say about Adam Hills and his style of comedy.

Any excuse to plug the Muppets!

When you sit and think about some of those ridiculously successful, arena-filling, DVD selling generation pleasing comedians, they all tend to have something in common – they have a broad appeal that seems to tempt both a younger and older audience. Adam Hills is no different, and it probably won’t be long before he starts filling up the arenas in fact. What else do they have in common? They all typically are positive forces in comedy, sending good messages and funny vibes, sharing stories from their lives that we can reflect upon and warm to them even more. Indeed, Adam Hills ticks these boxes too; in fact I’d say he goes one step further to be the anti-Boyle. Whereas one is a morose, utterly offensive to all, Scott with a low brow, monotone delivery and an ability to find fun in the darker side of the world, Adam Hills is the polar opposite. He is a warm, enthusiastic and overtly friendly comedian with hardly anything remotely negative to say about anyone and looks for silver linings rather than storm clouds.

I don’t know what your Christmases are like, but I know quite a lot of families that will stick a stand-up DVD on at some point over the festive period and gather round it for some semi-quality family fun time. I can honestly say that this was a great recording to attend and the Adam Hills Happyism DVD will prove to be more than satisfying for every single family member, and may even keep the grandparents awake in spite of all that brandy.  Its out and ready to buy now or check out a little preview below….



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