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Air Bonsai Floating Plant

Creating your own urban garden is a dream that many Joes and Janes wish they could fulfil. But usually a lack of time, patience and most importantly space all get in the way. Well, now’s your chance to own the coolest plant around with the Air Bonsai floating plant!

Perfect for your windowsill or desk, the 6cm in diameter miniaturised plant floats around its base. “How does it achieve such witchcraft?” we hear you ask? It’s actually simply just a couple of magnets…

But that’s not to say it’s not incredible cool! The makers are calling the plant bit of the Air Bonsai your ‘little star’ and inserted into the base of the little star are a set of magnets. These magnets are repelled by an electro magnet in the base, which comes with the plant.

The ‘energy base’, as it’s known, runs with an AC adapter, which may ruin the magic a little but we’ll forgive them. The magnetic field it provides keeps your bonsai levitating at a steady 2cm and there’s even an added rotation setting optional!

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You can get your bonsai tree ready-planted or you can grow it yourself. The great thing about a bonsai is while they will need watering from time to time, they’re incredibly easy to maintain and last a very long time.

You can choose to get your ‘little star’ section customised so it’s made out of Moss or Lava, and there’s also numerous Handmade options. The energy base comes in a white porcelain finish as a standard but it can also be hand-painted with traditional Japanese ‘Fu-de’, if you so choose.

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You’ll also receive your Air Bonsai in suitably stylish fashion. Your tree and base will be packaged in traditional Japanese style wrapped vintage fabric, and put in a ‘Kiri’ Box, made of Paulownia wood.

The Air Bonsai floating plant kit is being sold through Kickstarter where unsurprisingly, it’s already smashed its target. The basic starter kit contains a ‘little star’ as well as the ‘energy base’ and costs around £140 ($200) – you will have to grow your own, though. Pre-planted versions costing up to £700 ($1,000) have already sold out! First orders are due to arrive in August.

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