BBQ season has arrived and there are few finer things in life. But we’ve always found the average British BBQ gets one thing massively wrong – and that’s the cheese in your burger. While some might love plastic fluorescent yellow cheese, we prefer thick slabs of salty halloumi with our beef patty. And it seems we’re not the only ones either as Aldi have just launched halloumi burger slices just in time for summer!

Aldi Launches Halloumi Burger Slices and Everybody is Losing Their Minds

Yes, to save the hassle of cutting and the agony of slabs dropping out of our buns, Aldi have unveiled halloumi slices especially designed to fit on top of your burger. It’s part of the supermarket’s summer range, and it’s so genius, we’ve no idea how it’s taken so long for someone to come up with it.

Costing £1.59 for four slices (or 200g), the packages describes the squeaky Cypriot cheese slices as ‘smooth and tangy’ and ‘perfect for grilling and barbecues’. Each slice is specially cut into circles so that they’re fit and ready for burger building!


It’s not the only halloumi hype Aldi have fired up in 2018 either. Earlier this year, they launched the very tasty and very affordable halloumi fries. Yeah. The Golden & Crispy Specially Selected Halloumi Fries cost £1.99 for a bag and can be found in the frozen section!

The Aldi halloumi burger slices aren’t yet on the Aldi Website, but we’re assured that if you head down to your local supermarket, you’ll find them.


If that’s got you in the mood for some BBQ, here’s what we think are the best barbeque joints in London.



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