Best Alternative Christmas Advent Calendars 2017

With December quickly approaching, it’s about time you got hold of a Christmas advent calendar for your loved one. But rather than sticking to boring old chocolate calendars which are geared up for kids and usually tastes of feet anyway, we much prefer to mix things up and think outside the box with flaps. There are tons of great alternative food & drink Christmas advent calendars out there – here’s just a few of this year’s!

HonestBrew Advent Calendar 2017 – £64.90

Our personal favourite, the beer advent calendar took off in the UK last year and this year it’s showing no signs of letting up. The HonestBrew Advent Calendar 2017 contains 24 beers including IPAs, stouts, porters and sours, from top craft breweries around the UK and beyond. It also features all new artwork by HATCH – the moniker of London-based artist & illustrator Dave Smith.


Master of Malt Ginvent Calendar 2017 – £124.95

Another boozy advent option comes from the fine folks at Master of Malt. Made for gin lovers around the world, the Givent Calendar 2017 does exactly what it says on the tin with a different 3cl sample of marvellous juniper behind each of the calendar’s 24 windows. From craft delights to new names and tricky-to-find treats, the Master of Malt Ginvent advent is perfect for any gin fan this December. It’s also by far the best looking calendar on our list and will look great in any home!


Beer Hawk Advent Calendar 2017 – £75

Alternatively, Beer Hawk’s 2017 Advent Calendar is similarly filled with Belgian classics, crafty cans, German brilliance and British beauties. We’re talking pale ales, saisons, porters, lagers and more from some of the world’s best breweries. They’ve even secured 4 exclusive beers that you’ll never find anywhere else! 24 days, 23 breweries, one incredibly beery month!

Greggs Advent Calendar 2017 – £24

For something really different, why not show your girlfriend you really care by grabbing her an advent from Greggs? Yes, that Greggs. The high street bakery has done something weird and truly wonderful for the festive season by releasing their very own advent calendar. Instead of reindeer chocolate, each of the calendar’s 24 windows open to reveal a Greggs token, which can be exchanged in store for items from both of its Christmas and regular menus, including the Festive Bake, flavoured lattes, sweet mince pies and the famed sausage roll. Each calendar is priced at £24, but the Christmas Eve window contains a guaranteed £5 voucher with some containing a £25 voucher. Only 500 of Greggs Advent Calendars will be available on the 20th Nov from certain stores.


Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar 2017 – £8

Last year, food blogger Annem’s idea for an advent calendar went so viral, 11,000 people signed up to the concept and it’s now currently being sold in Asdas around the country. Made by Ilcheseter Cheese Company, the Cheese Advent Calendar features 5 different cheeses on rotation: Jarlsberg, famous around the world for its distinctive sweet and nutty taste; Applewood, a real English treasure made from West Country cheddar; a classic Mature Cheddar; a smooth and nutty Red Leicester; and a festive Wensleydale with cranberries. The calendar comes in a unique ‘book style’ packaging design, which allows for one half to be torn off after the initial 12 days of Christmas to maximise fridge space.


House of Newby Tea Advent Calendar 2017 – £55

But if you’re more of a tea-totaler, London leaf kings Newby have just the thing for you with their limited edition House of Newby Tea Advent Calendar. Discover 24 days of premium tea, showcased in a replica of Newby’s beloved London HQ adorned with snowflakes and a luxe festive ribbon. Behind its white doors you’ll find 24 numbered drawers filled with a selection of blends from the Classic Tea Bag Collection. Each drawer contains 4 individually wrapped tea bags in sachets depicting a sublime collection of vintage Indian textiles.


Haribo Advent Calendar 2017 – £10.99

If the idea of a Christmas advent calendar without some sort of sweet treat in it fills you with dread, then there are still some strong options. With a mixture of fruit and cola flavour chewy sweets, marshmallows, liquorices and gums, each day of the Haribo Advent Calendar comes with a different bag of treats – ideal for sweet-toothed adults and kids who want an alternative to chocolate.


Aldi Wine Advent Calendar 2017 – £49.99

Aldi have gone all out this Christmas with a brilliant advert and something event brilliant-er as the inspiration for their 2017 advent calendar. Say hello to the Aldi Wine Advent Calendar. Every day offers a new mini bottle of wine for an evening of indulgence in the lead-up to Christmas. 24 well-known wines from prestigious regions around the world are included in the calendar, with bottles of red, white, rosé and fizz all featuring. Highlights include the Calvet Côtes de Provence Rosé and the Calvet Limited Edition Merlot.