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Ant-Man Trailer

Update: After the teaser, the official first Marvel Ant-Man Trailer is now below. Marvel has released the long-awaited first full trailer for Ant-Man where we get our first real look at an earnest looking Paul Rudd as the mini-superhero and we think we’ve found the summer blockbuster to watch.

The success that Guardians of the Galaxy bought Marvel would suggest that the thirst for superhero comedy is insatiable and the casting of Paul Rudd backed up by the latest trailer suggests to us that Marvel are going to cash in on it. And then some.

The trailer doesn’t give us too much in the way of action but it does give us a tonal feel for the comic book adaptation. We’re willing to bet there’ll be plenty of peril sublimated with cracking one-liners from Rudd to cut the tension.

The trailer mainly consists of Michael Douglas, who plays wise-man genius Dr. Hank Pym, providing a rousing pitch to our superhero Scott Lang (Rudd) in order to persuade him to don the rubber suit to protect the secrets of being a super-ant.

We adored Guardians of the Galaxy and if Ant-Man can achieve half the laughs, Marvel are onto another winner. Directed by Peyton Reed and co-starring Evangeline Lilly and Corey Stoll, Ant-Man will open with it’s stella cast on the 17th July this summer.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think:





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