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Arla Put Nick Helm Through His Morning Paces

The farmer-owner dairy company, Arla Foods, has just launched a new campaign to get their consumers to ‘Eat Monday for Breakfast’. With the help of comedian Nick Helm, Arla are hoping to inspire the nation by suggesting that, when armed with the natural goodness of dairy and the right attitude, we can face Monday morning head on.

Arla’s ‘Eat Monday for Breakfast’ paired up with comedian Nick Helm for the campaign to find out what makes people wake up in the morning. BBC Three’s Uncle star, which has been re-commissioned for a third series, shot a set of short films in order to inspire us along the way.

The films feature Nick, who admits he is not a morning person, as he meets someone who gets up early as part of their job – including a dairy farmer, a fitness instructor and a worker at New Billingsgate Fish Market.


While Arla was only launched in the UK in 2015, the comnpany dates back to the 1880s, when dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden joined forces with one common goal: to produce and provide the best dairy products, creating new opportunities for business growth. The Arla brand comprises a variety of dairy products including milk, yogurt and cheese, with major products including the likes of Arla Farmers Milk, Arla skyr, and Arla Cravendale.

Head over to the Arla UK Website for more product info and check out the Arla ‘Eat Monday for Breakfast’ campaign videos below where Nick Helm tries to sell some Conga Eel by lovingly renaming it ‘Doner Eel’!



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