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Art of Brick Exhibition

Any Joe that wasn’t deprived as a child would have had their own tub of Lego to peruse at their own leisure. Given any excuse we would spend hours on end building creations Antoni Gaudi could only dream of. My brother used to claim he was looking in the bottom of the Lego bucket for my mum’s lost wedding ring, for example. If you weren’t neglected, we’ve got just the exhibition for you in Nathan Sawaya’s Art of the Brick.

Using over a million Lego bricks to create over 100 sculptures, Nathan Sawaya’s work creates an art exhibition that doesn’t discriminate. There’s fun for everyone with Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo as well as an 80,000-brick giant T-Rex on show. The sculptures took a total of 4188 hours to build (half a year non-stop, if you’re counting) and the show is as big a love letter to the humble yellow brick as you’ll find.

Some fun facts for you: Since the 1950s, 560 billion Lego bricks have been manufactured at a rate of 36 billion a year. Most amazingly, the 306 million mini tyres used by Lego is said to make the company the single biggest user of tyre rubber in the world!

So far the exhibition has seen over 1 million visitors across Asia, America and Australia before landing in Shoreditch (where else?). We had a look around what CNN called one of the ‘world’s 10 must-see exhibitions’ and we were more than encouraged to see a mixture of sexes and ages enjoying an exhibition that didn’t insist upon itself. It’s naturally very colourful, fun and a great way to introduce the younger generations into the world of art.

Conceptually, however, some of the pieces are questionable and at times you may feel as if some of the placards accompanying the sculptures are satire. Sawaya’s slogan for the exhibition is ‘Art is not optional’, for example… We don’t know either. Regardless of the concepts at play, the execution is unmistakably impressive, the detail is extraordinary and the patience to create unfathomable. Not only that, the kids (but mainly you) get to create your own masterpieces at the end in the Interactive Zone.

The Art of the Brick exhibition is located at the Old Truman Brewery building on Brick Lane, London and is open until 12th April. Tickets cost around £15 for adults depending when you go and children get in for considerably less. Release your inner child and check out more info at




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