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Bacardí Carta Fuego

Who doesn’t love a super slow-mo of an exploding bottle? We certainly do anyway! So naturally we’re big fans of Bacardí’s new Carta Fuego, a red spiced rum that’s aged in torched barrels to give it that extra little flash of flavour.

Fuego, being the Spanish word for ‘Fire’, meant Bacardí wanted to produce a campaign that has all the heat and energy that the name implies. We reckon they might well have done that with a video that shows an exploded bottle of Carta Fuego pieced back together in slow motion.

Slightly different from previous Bacardí brands, Carta Fuego is to be enjoyed as a shot, with the 40% ABV balancing the smooth taste of the Bacardí rum with the delicious spice notes of cinnamon and nutmeg in Fuego, ensuring each sip is smooth but finishes with a kick of heat.

The video itself is almost as complex as the flavours of Carta Fuego. Using a Phantom Flex camera, shooting at up to 2,500 frames per second, seven 10,000 watt lights and a team of skilled pyros, every high-definition detail of the Carta Fuego bottle assembling itself in super slow motion was captured to end the video.

We adore a dark rum, and the thought of one specially formulated as a shot get’s us a little excited. Bacardí Carta Fuego is now available and has an RRP of £21.00 for a 70cl bottle. Use the hashtag #BringTheHeat one you’ve had a taste for yourself and follow Bacardí on Facebook and Twitter.

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