Back to the Future Lego

The Back to the Future trilogy is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best trilogies ever committed to celluloid. The three films have generated fun video games, the best ride at universal studios (now gone sadly), legions of devoted fans and followers and some of the most iconic merchandise ever created in the Nike Mags or the recently released Matel Hoverboard. However, to add to the wonderful list of products is the new Back to the Future Lego Delorean sets.


The concept proposed at Cuusoo provided a Delorean for each of the movies, the first being the classic, the second being the hovering model with a Mr. Fusion, the third being the western with the replacement chip on the hood. These were accompanied by appropriately dressed versions of Doc Brown and Marty from each movie. There’s even skateboards and hoverboards in the design, and hopefully they will come with it too!

We don’t know what the pricing would be, nor the exact release date, although Lego have confirmed it will be in mid-2013. Cuusoo is a crowd sourcing platform for Lego projects, and once a proposal has 10,000 supporters it is submitted for quarterly review by the Lego bigwigs who have the final say on whether or not the set will be produced. This project fits well with production already, is a well represented global brand and has a high “playability” rating – yes we will be rolling it on the floor pretending its going at 88mph.

The creators have decided to give their 1% royalty fee to the Michael J Fox Foundation too, so you get a piece of film history in Lego as well as make a donation to charity. Double win.

This project joins the other successful sets now in production, including the asteroid space craft Hayabusa, and a large Minecraft set too. These things are always so popular that they sell out incredibly quickly, so as soon as the Back to the Future set goes live, make sure you pounce to avoid disappointment.

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