If you’re anything like us, we look for any excuse get out the BBQ. No word of a lie, we have a BBQ every Christmas Eve and have our bacon and sausages on the BBQ Christmas morning. So we absolutely love the idea of cooking a pizza on the BBQ with the BakerStone Oven Box!

BakerStone Pizza Oven Box

The BakerStone Oven Box is a portable, al fresco dining accessory allows you to cook perfect pizzas in 2-4 minutes, converting most 3-burner and larger gas grills into your very own pizza oven.

The Oven Box was invented by an American named Tim Case, who said he was “frustrated by the poor quality local pizza on offer.” So he decided to do it himself. The Oven Box uses the heat from the BBQ to raise the temperature of the unit to that of a traditional wood burning pizza oven – between a scorching 350 and 400°C.

No instruction manuals are really needed as all you need to do is shove it on top of the grill and leave it to reach the desired temperature. You’ll know it’s hot enough thanks to the temperature dial on the box.

When it’s hot enough, put your homemade pizza on the cordierite pizza stone until cooked. No more than 5 minutes is needed apparently!

BakerStone say the unmatched cooking performance is achieved by combining a stone baking chamber with an enameled steel housing, creating a unique air flow system which enhances the convective, conductive and radiant heat in and around the cooking chamber.

The BakerStone Oven Box is a genuinely brilliant idea for anyone who is serious about their BBQs. And not only does it produce artisan style Italian snacks, it can also be used to bake breads, roast meats, vegetables and also cook fish.

It’s available in two sizes, Basic for 12-inch pizzas, which retails at £99.99, and Original for 14-inchers, which comes in at £129.99. Check out the BakerStone Website for details.




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