Should you be bored of twisting your existing door handle, the Russian designer Nikita Kovalev has come up with a series of “Bang Bang” gun shaped door handles which use replica 9mm Makarov pistols to open doors. The pistols which form its inspiration have been used as standard issue firearms since 1951 by the Soviet army and police, so have a bit of a serious history.

Bang-Bang Door Handle

The door handles start about a quarter of the way down the barrel, and release the latch by pulling on the trigger (..I know, how cool is that.) Colour options include a traditional gold and a yellow gold reminiscent of the Golden Gun in James Bond, matte black, silver and white, a range fit for any contemporary property, although I can imagine it may not be great for young families…

The Bang Bang gun door handles make a real design statement, and despite their gritty political and social background would make a somewhat playful addition to many an interior space.



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