Banksy has revealed details about this latest project that sees the Bristolian artist give his take on Disneyland. The street artist’s Dismaland is described as a ‘bemusement park’ which comes with the tagline, ‘The UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction!’ We’re sold already!

Banksy’s Dismaland

Located in Weston-Super-Mare on the West coast, Dismaland is set on a 2.5 acre site which was formerly the Tropicana lido. The park will feature amusements with a twist as well as three galleries which will contain ‘the finest collection of contemporary art ever assembled in a North Somerset seaside town.’

There’s some adaptations on some theme park classics too with Banksy’s take on the Punch and Judy show called ‘Punch and Julie’, which is described as ‘The infamous Julie Burchill has given this seaside staple a good kicking. Now includes references to Jimmy Saville and Fifty Shades of Grey.’ We reckon you’re getting the idea now…

Loads of other larger sculptures will be knocking about too, including the Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross (which looks like two lorries welded together), an oil caliphate themed crazy golf course called ‘mini gulf’ and a Ferris wheel which was apparently intended to power the whole park but in fact has trouble powering the candy floss stand.

The park will also play host to some pretty awesome live music and comedy nights with bands like Sleaford Mods, Kate Tempest, Pussy Riot and fellow-Bristolian trip-hop legends Massive Attack all performing.

Banksy is notoriously secretive about his works – so how did he manage to get the local authorities to not spill the beans? He managed to get the council to sportingly tell local residents a Hollywood company was filming on the site!

Banksy’s first show in the UK since 2009’s Bansky v Bristol Museum will be open from today (21st August) until Sunday 27th September. So get over to the Dismaland Website now for tickets and info.




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