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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Film Trailer

We’ve got ourselves an official version of the first Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer… with no dodgy Spanish phone footage to be found.

If you saw the pirated trailer that leaked online Friday, you’ll already know the score – the trailer is extremely dark and gritty with a series of vox-pops stating their concerns over Superman and the effect he might be having a Metropolis and beyond. He might be an all-powerful alien but it seems a little harsh to us…

Given that the film is called Batman ‘v’ Superman, we reckon Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne probably shares similar concerns. We hear Jeremy Irons’ Alfred talking about the feelings of rage and powerlessness that can turn good men cruel. Ominous.

Then we finally get a little hint at some action when Batman comes to life with his new Batmobile and asks Henry Cavill’s Superman, “Do you bleed…? You will.” It all feels very bleak.

We should say, we like that Affleck’s Bat-voice is far more menacing than Christian Bale’s, but the whole trailer seems almost a little forced and pretty unsubtle. While the premise of a world struggling to accept Superman makes perfect sense, we’re not sure a Batman threatening Krypton’s favourite son for it does.

We’ll see. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is out on 25th March 25 2016. So while we’re not completely sold yet, there’s still plenty of time for our interested to be peaked. Check out the trailer below.




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