Craft beer is becoming ever more popular and nowadays many Joes take their beer as seriously as the ladies do with their wine. But no matter how much you try, recreating the head on your pint at home never comes close to the dense amber goodness you get out of a pub tap. But thanks to the Beer Foamer, this may be a thing of the past.

Beer Foamer

The Danish studio Norm Architects have created a product that they claim will get you as close to the pub experience without leaving your home. The Beer Foamer works by whisking up a foam that you pour on to your pint.

The device is used by pouring approximately 1cm of beer into the bottom of the transparent glass container, pressing the button and waiting 20 seconds while a battery-powered whisk froths up the liquid. Then simply pour on top.

According to the studio, beer connoisseurs will often suggest that a foamy head on your beer will guarantee a better flavour and drinking experience. Simply splashing a bottled beer into a glass may create a head – but only a less dense head with larger bubbles. The Beer Foamer creates a denser foam with small bubbles increasing the aroma, taste and feeling of the beer – just like a draft beer.

The design itself is clean and stylish with the copper top resembling the large copper boilers you see in old breweries. The foaming glass is of course shatter-proof too.


The Beer Foamer is available in the UK through and costs £35. It may be a tad pricey but if you truly care for your beer, we think it’s a sound investment.




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